Led by Rev. Shermella Garrett and Evangelist Janet Gloyd

Until June 9, 2015, The Fountain of Hope African Methodist Church, located at 2955 E. Russell Road, Las Vegas, did not have a comprehensive women’s ministry that would provide a full and complete church-life experience. Therefore, the Reverend Shermella Garrett, Retired Presiding Elder, began a teaching ministry designed to reach levels of who we are as God’s Women.

For a guideline we chose John 4:6-7 that tells the story of the woman who Christ communicated with Christ at a well. It was at this well that the woman met Christ one way and, after He offered her salvation , left His presence with a new understanding of how valuable she was. Through His spoken word to her she was able to lead a new and higher life. Therefore, seeing that we needed a like experience as women who needed to be set free to worship God, to have sisterhood that would bond us together as women of faith, to understand that we can only grow through the Word, we selected the name: “Women At The Fountain Of Hope.”

We pray, sing, study the Word and share our personal stories of how and when Christ offered us “that living water” and how we are changing daily to become “free women in Christ.”

Bible Study is held every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
Prayer call every Wednesday morning at 6:16 am, 712-432-6110, Pin: 883219#