UPDATED September 12, 2020

Sunday, September 20, 2020 is 

Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday

Please join us at 10:30am, in virtual worship, as we honor

Senior Pastor Gregory K. McLeod and First Lady Savalla Tanner McLeod 

Rev. Shaun Ball will bring the message

Each adult member is asked to make a love offering in an amount of your choice

 The contributions can be placed in your offering envelope or made by any of the other contribution options

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sharon Cogan, Steward ProTem



Sundays:  Church School @ 9:00 am and Worship Service @ 10:30 am

Zoom Connection Information: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/334836442?pwd=bFpldDl1RmxmZ0lqVHVpdlZnMDh3UT09

          Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643

          Dial-In Information (audio only):  1-346-248-7799

          Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643


96th Southern California Annual Conference – (October 14-16, 2020)

The conference will be virtual and is free to attend, BUT YOU MUST REGISTER

Click the following link to register:


Session ID: 827 3011 2314

Password: 195737



Please access the survey at this address:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8YWLQRY and provide us with honest answers regarding your thoughts on returning to a 1st Sunday worship service to be held at the church.

Please submit your response AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sharon Cogan, Steward Board Pro Tem at 702-541-2894.

Yours in Christ,

The Steward Board Subcommittee



PROMOTION SUNDAY, June 28, 2020, 10:30 am Worship Service

We celebrated our graduates and and Honor Roll students at our virtual service on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

See the video produced by First Lady Savalla McLeod: https://youtu.be/kdcoANSOcHQ

FATHER’S DAY, June 21, 2020, 10:30 am Worship Service

We celebrated the men of Fountain of Hope at our virtual service on Sunday, June 21, 2020.

See the video produced by First Lady Savalla McLeod: https://youtu.be/cBUAD8bC5qc





While casinos, barber/beauty shops and other businesses may be open, COVID-19 IS NOT OVERTo that end, this is NOT a time for social gatherings, this is NOT a time for bbqs, house parties, pool parties, etc..  Social distancing, wearing masks and proper sanitizing is still our number one priority!!!!If you don’t have “business” to conduct, STAY AT HOME!!!!  If you MUST go out, please take ALL necessary precautions!!!

To go even further, this NOT the time to take vacations, to be on a plane or riding in a car.  LIMIT ALL TRAVEL.  If it’s not life or death, PLEASESTAY AT HOME!!!


Council of Bishops
African Methodist Episcopal Church

May 21, 2020

The Council of Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is proud of our Presiding Elders, Pastors, ministerial staff’s and members who obeyed the shut-in. Yet, in spite of all states opening up in some form, the fact is the danger to the people and communities we serve is not over. The global pandemic is still wreaking havoc globally and in the United States. From Cape Town South Africa to Haiti, to Brazil, to California, the numbers of infections and deaths continue to rise. The danger is not over—-keep hope alive.

The Council recently read an article that disturbed us greatly. On Mother’s Day 2020, a church held business as usual Mother’s Day service, later AP ran the headline: Over 180 People Exposed To Virus at California Church. All of them were asked by the Public Health Department to self-quarantine. The danger is not over———keep hope alive.

We all remember the number of our ecumenical Brothers and Sisters who, before the shutdown was enforced, vowed that they would never stop having their traditional worship and meetings. Now we grieve their loss with their families, denominations, and communities. The danger is not over——keep hope alive.

When one considers that many people in the communities we serve find themselves still in the at-risk category, young and old, we must be aware of this statement of a prominent African American journalist: “For many Black people, to reopen now is an invitation to die.” In fact, For black, brown, indigenous, and poor people to be alive during this global pandemic is to be at risk. The danger is not over——keep hope alive.

The thief who has come to steal, kill, and destroy is not finished with the world or the church. We must not risk the lives of our people. We must not risk the life of our beloved African Methodist Episcopal Church. We must come up with a re-entry plan that will strengthen our people, our churches, and our global communities. We must come up with a plan that will help the people, heal the people, and give hope to the people. Our extraordinary African Methodist Episcopal Church has come up with such a plan. It will be presented to the entire church soon. The danger is not over—-keep hope alive.

Finally, the scientists tell us that without testing, tracing, and a COVID-19 inoculation that is available for everybody we should not be quick to reopen. So we are clear, the doors of the church are still open, it is the doors of the church building that are closed until we can go back protecting the lives and health of all those who come into our church buildings. Science tells us the danger is not over, faith tells us to keep hope alive.

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Respectfully Submitted,

The Right Reverend Harry L. Seawright
Written by Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III,  Bishop of the Third Episcopal District, and Ecumenical Officer.



DAILY PRAYER CALL Sis. Carol McDuffie-Harris and Women at the Fountain invite you participate in the 6:00 am prayer call, Monday – Saturday, until pandemic restrictions have been lifted.  Evangelist Janet Gloyd will lead the Wednesday morning call each week. The conference call number is 1-712•432•6110 access code: 883219#

  1. SUNDAY SERVICES: Church School (9:00am) and Worship Service (10:30 am) will be conducted via Zoom:

Zoom Connection Information: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/334836442?pwd=bFpldDl1RmxmZ0lqVHVpdlZnMDh3UT09

          Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643

          Dial-In Information (audio only):  1-346-248-7799

          Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643


Bible Studies will be held via conference call or Zoom as noted below.

          Women at the Fountain Bible Study: Tuesdays @ 6PM

will be held via conference call.  The conference call number is 1-712•432•6110 access code: 883219#. 

For more information, please contact Rev. Shermella Garrett or Evangelist Janet Gloyd

           Wednesday Noon Bible Study: Wednesdays @ 12 noon

will be held via Zoom.  For more info please contact Rev. Pamela Tucker

           Wednesday Evening Bible Study: Wednesday @ 6PM

will be held via Zoom.  For more info please contact Pastor McLeod

           Men’s Bible Study: Second Saturday @ 10:00AM

will be held via Zoom.  For more info please contact Rev. Shaun Ball

          Zoom Connection Information for Wednesday Bible Studies (noon and 6:00 pm) and Men’s Bible Study:


           Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643

          Dial-In Information (audio only):  1-346-248-7799

          Meeting ID: 334 836 442

          Password: 246643

 Standard Weekly/Monthly Ministry Meetings:

Chairpersons, Presidents please contact Evangelist Gloyd if you would like to use Zoom or the conference line for your meeting. Only one group can be on the line at a time. Once confirmed, please contact your members with meeting information.


The Food Pantry will be temporarily closed effective March 31, 2020. Three Square Food Bank has set up multiple direct service mobile distribution sites around the Valley. Please check our church’s website home page and Facebook page for more info regarding locations and times. We will keep you updated when we are able to reopen the pantry.

  1. GIVING:

We ALL know that the church’s business still has to be conducted, and that can’t happen without OUR financial obligations being met. Therefore, several methods of giving are available to accommodate each of us. Here are the methods by which we can receive your tithes and offerings:

    • Online– You can give online by using our Church’s Website, the web address is fountainofhopelv.com to process our secure online giving option. Just click on GIVING/DONATIONS tab, and a secure window will open. Follow the prompts. Put in the amount you wish to give and tell us how you want it distributed. WE WOULD PREFER YOU USE THIS OPTION, ITS QUICK AND EASY.
    • Tithe.ly app– Using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) download the Tithe.Ly app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to create an account. Next, using the “Find a Church” search bar at the top of the page, enter “Fountain of Hope AME”. Select ”Fountain of Hope”, then click on the “Give Now” button and follow the instructions to make a contribution.
    • In person– UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Brothers Leroy Caffey and Stan Allen will receive your tithes and offerings (Check, Cash, Credit/Debit Card) on Sundays at the church from 12pm to 1:00pm.
    • Mail– You may mail your tithes/offering directly to the church. Please DO NOT mail cash. ONLY personal checks, cashier checks or money orders will be accepted in-person.  The church address is as follows:

                                              Fountain of Hope AMEC,  2955 East Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120

If you would like additional offering envelopes, contact the church by phone at 702•798•3949 during office hours shown below.


During the lockdown our Church Office will be open 10:00 am-1:00pm, Tuesdays.


During the lockdown NO bulletins will be printed.  To have announcements read during the Sunday Worship call at 10:30 am, please email your announcement to the Church Office at fontofhope@aol.com, with the word “ANNOUNCEMENT” in the Subject line; or by calling the Church Office at 702•798•3949. We will also use our website and Facebook page to make announcements.  All announcements still must be APPROVED by Pastor McLeod before being announced on the Sunday morning calls or placed on social media.

  1. CLASS LEADERS: ALL Class Leaders are asked to assist in keeping in touch with our members during this time. Please make daily/weekly phone calls to members in your class. We want to make sure they are ok. If any of your members are on the sick and shut in list, please be mindful and check on any specific needs they may have regarding their welfare. Please let the Stewards know of any issues in that regard. We want them and all members to know we are concerned for their welfare.

We want to stay together and unified as a church family. Please be sure to check your email, churchs Facebook page and website to stay informed and updated. If you have not been receiving email from the church, please contact the Church Office (702-798-3949) to insure we have your current email address and contact information.

I Corinthians 14:40 (NKJV) says: Let all things be done decently and in order. It is my desire and prayer that during this period that as the Faithful Followers of the Fountain we will operate out of this spirit.  Let’s keep our city, state, country, nation and each other lifted in prayer.

This Too Shall Pass,

Gregory Keith McLeod, Senior Pastor