Rev. Gregory K. McLeod, Chairperson
Bro. Leroy Caffey, Vice Chairperson
Sis. Sharon Cogan, Secretary
Sis. Verone Nelson, Treasurer
Bro. Stan Allen, Asst. Treasurer
Sis. Lavernis Myles, Financial Secretary (at Large)
Sis. Grace Thomas, Asst. Financial Secretary (at Large)
Sis. Shirley Wright, (at Large)
Bro. Dorsey Jones
Bro. Charles Woods

Recognizing that “everything belongs to God” the Stewardship and Finance Committee promotes and cultivates stewardship through ongoing education to the congregation and administers the Financial Ministry of the church. As Christians we are called to give on every occasion in obedience to God. The Committee accurately account for all financial inflows and outflows of the church in a timely manner.