Sis. DeMadeline Rice, Chairperson

In both the public and private sectors of this country, dialogue is continuous on health care and health reform. We, in the church, cannot avoid everyday conversations about the many concerns surrounding health or health issues. Faith communities are not exempt from these conversation and these changes and the impact they have on our members.

We have an opportunity to reclaim their historic status as the OHO, or “Original Health Organization.”

As the health information arm of Fountain of Hope, our mission and objectives are:
• To assist the membership, through education, in coping with the complexity of our current system of care.
• To present quality health care programs in preventive medicine, where wellness is the first priority.
• To include interdisciplinary and inter-professional components to insure the care of the whole person — physiological, spiritual, psychological, social—in the community
• To be a resource for health and wellness information which may be available to our membership and our community